Six Flags to Unveil Rage of the Gargoyles Virtual Reality on Shock Wave Coaster

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Six Flags Over Texas has announced it will introduce Rage of the Gargoyles Virtual Reality on the Shock Wave roller coaster during this year’s Fright Fest.

Using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, riders are transported into the incredibly immersive world of virtual reality and become pilots of an Apache-style helicopter and transported into a futuristic battle against blood-thirsty gargoyles on Shock Wave.

Features on Rage of the Gargoyle Virtual Reality Coaster at Six Flags Over Texas:

• Riders will travel straight up more than 100 feet as the gargoyles pound on the copter’s windshield;
• Flying down at speeds up to 55 mph off the edge of a building – beyond vertical;
• Darting between a devastated cityscape with battered skyscrapers, hazardous bridges, and falling debris;
• Daring aerobatic maneuvers at up to 5.9 G’s; and
• A fully interactive gaming battle through nearly 3,400 feet of track to destroy the vicious master gargoyle.

Rage of the Gargoyle Virtual Reality Coaster is set to open to the general public on Saturday, September 24 for Fright Fest.

Also new this Fright Fest season, those who are brave enough to walk the park’s midways at night will be introduced to a wicked and blood thirsty journey in the scare zone Black Widow’s Walk and the ultimate full-sensory adventure – Blackout haunted house.

• Black Widow’s Walk — If guests didn’t have arachnophobia before, they certainly will after visiting this spine-tingling scare zone. Thrill seekers are advised to walk quickly lest they become swallowed up by cobwebs and rolled into a giant cocoon for the larger than life spiders that have a bigger than life thirst for human blood.

• Blackout — As the name suggests, even the most savvy and skilled navigators will be tested in this new haunted house as they try and gain their bearings and decipher sounds (both near and far). Sinister visitors lurk in the dark and around every corner. They won’t be seen…until it’s too late.

Fright Fest starts on Saturday, September 24 and runs, on select days, through Monday, October 31.

Click here to learn more about the ride.

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