Star of Texas Award Bestowed on Two Arlington Officers

The Star of Texas Awards honor peace officers, firefighters, and emergency medical First Responders who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. The Honorable Governor Greg Abbott bestowed the Star of Texas Award on 57 First Responders in a ceremony on Monday, September 12 in Austin.

articles police leticia brooks

Officer Leticia Brooks received the award due to a car crash that she was involved in 2006 while on duty. A drunk driver struck a patrol car while it was blocking traffic due to another crash. Officer Brooks was standing outside the patrol car when the crash occurred. The impact of the crash caused Officer Brooks to be struck by the patrol car and she suffered serious injuries from the incident. She has recovered from the crash and is currently assigned to the patrol division.

articles police michael bali

Officer Michael Bali received the award due to being shot in the line of duty in November of 2015. Officer Bali was assigned to a local task force working an assignment out of city when he was confronted by an armed suspect. The suspect shot Officer Bali in the leg as he was retreating from the scene. He was treated a local hospital for serious injuries and has returned to full duty with the department.

“Law enforcement officers face grave danger every day as they perform their duties. I am proud of these two officers, the formal recognition and support from Governor Abbott, and the outpouring of community compassion shown to our department,” said Arlington Police Chief Will D. Johnson.