Money Magazine Names Arlington ‘Best Big City’ in the South

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Arlington shines in the national spotlight once again thanks not only to its sports and entertainment venues but its job opportunities, affordable housing, low crime, quality schools and other amenities that make the American Dream City a great place to live.

In its latest edition, Money magazine has named Arlington as the “Best Big City” in the South.

“Tucked between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington is known as the Entertainment Capital of Texas, and for good reason,” the Money article stated. “It’s home to four professional sports teams—Dallas Cowboys football, Texas Rangers baseball, Dallas Wings basketball, and Dallas Charge softball—theme parks, music venues, comedy clubs, and, not least, the International Bowling Hall of Fame. Still, there’s more to this city than fun and games.”

The article, published online Sept. 17, goes on to list Arlington’s numerous large employers, including General Motors and Texas Health Resources, as well the city’s proximity to high-paying job opportunities across the North Texas region.

Arlington, whose population now tops 381,000, is also “a sweet spot for parents looking for affordable homes and top-ranked schools,” the article states. This includes the standout public charter school Uplift Summit International Preparatory, named one of the top 20 most challenging high schools in the U.S. by the Washington Post.

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The publication also points to exciting growth at the University of Texas at Arlington, which plans to break ground this fall on a $125 million Science and Engineering Innovation complex that will further bolster the campus’ reputation as a major health-science research institution.

Arlington’s other draws include its support of bike lanes as a transportation alternatives and its investment in the downtown area, where a new three-story library, public plaza and a mixed-use development will soon join the Levitt Pavilion and a growing number of shops, restaurants and residential properties.

“We’re thrilled that Money magazine has brought national attention to all the amenities and opportunities our great city has to offer,” Williams said. “From affordable homes and good-paying jobs to sought-after schools and plentiful parks, Arlington is indeed an ideal city to work, live, play and learn.”

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4 thoughts on “Money Magazine Names Arlington ‘Best Big City’ in the South”

  1. There are plenty of bike lanes in Arlington not sure what these other people are talking about I live here and most of the time if I want to check out a NFL or Baseball game it’s like 5 min away from where I live very affordable to live as well nothing like California or up North like Newyork.. and if you wanted to take a drive your about 20 to 30 min from Fortworth and about 30 to 45 min from Dallas depending on what part I love it here.

  2. “…support of bike lanes as a transportation alternatives…” — You’ve got to be kidding! Seriously! In theory only. Where is the bike infrastructure in this city, I truthfully ask you?

  3. “its support of bike lanes as a transportation alternatives ” ? huh? – Other than perhaps in select areas of UTA, which is great for the college, the much touted bike lanes essentially are short, not connected, and do not provide a viable way to commute around the city by bike. The previous mayor killed the master bike plan and the new mayor, although campaigning in support of bicycling, has done little to reenergize efforts to revive the master plan. Fort Worth and the efforts of Mayor Price are so far ahead of Arlington in this regard.

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