New Ask Arlington App Makes it Easier for Citizens to Report Problems

Spot a stray dog, a pot hole or litter along the street? The new Ask Arlington app makes notifying the City about these problems quick and easy.

The City of Arlington officially launched the app, free for Android and Apple devices, today. Through the Ask Arlington app, users can report common complaints such as overgrown weeds and grass, barking dogs or vehicles parked in a yard. Apartment tenants can also turn to the app to report conditions such as insect infestations, no air conditioning or heat, or lack of hot water, for inspection.

The app allows users, who can remain anonymous, to upload photos and videos to provide City departments more information about the issue they are reporting. Users can also track the real-time progress of how their complaint is handled, including whether a notice of violation was issued.

“We encourage residents to report problems they see, whether it’s a burnt out street light, graffiti or a dilapidated fence, to help the City keep our neighborhoods, parks, streets and business areas safer, more attractive and clean,” Marketing Communications Manager Jay Warren said.

City officials say the Ask Arlington app is a convenient alternative to the Action Center hotline, 817-459-6777, which receives more than 350,000 calls a year.

“There’s no wait time,” Action Center Manager Gil Mesa said. “The app is user friendly and very intuitive. Hopefully this will encourage more citizens to become involved and contact us.”

The app also makes it easier for non-English speaking residents to make a complaint, Mesa said. Users can submit their information in one of more than 100 languages, which will be translated by the app into English for the City.  Responses will also be translated to the user’s chosen language.

The Ask Arlington app aligns with the City Council priorities to Champion Strong Neighborhoods and Put Technology to Work by tapping into existing smart device technology to create another way for citizens to become involved in the health of their communities.

Examples of requests

Overgrown weeds and grass

Request assistance locating a water or sewer line before digging

Nuisance vehicles

Overhanging tree limbs

Loose animals

Dead animals

Burned out streetlight

Traffic signal not working

Street sweeping

Trash out early

Water main leaks

Restaurant health code concerns


21 thoughts on “New Ask Arlington App Makes it Easier for Citizens to Report Problems”

    1. Hi Shannon. Simply search for “Ask Arlington” in your Apple or Google Play app store on your device. The app is free to download.

  1. It’s interesting that there is not an easy way to ask a question with the new “ask arlington” app.

  2. After reading the comments, I believe that I’ll wait to download this app. Trash and dead animals lying near or on public streets is a health hazard. Hope that problem has been cleaned up.

    1. At this time no. The volume of current Windows phone users is still not large enough for an app to be available for download. Citizens can go through the City of Arlington website,, or call the Action Center at 817-459-6777 to make a request.

  3. I have been exploring this app since downloading it yesterday evening. It appears that when an issue is resolved it is simply dispositioned as resolved and the complaint is closed without any details or description of the action taken that resulted in the resolution of the complaint. Additionally beyond a general email no direct contact information is given to enable you to speak to someone about the nature of the complaint. While this app appears to be helpful I am concerned that it is simply smoke and mirrors. I would like some reassurance that this app is in fact not a digital dead end.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. Citizens are also able to contact the City about issues by calling the Action Center hotline, 817-459-6777.

  4. We reported a lot of trash near multifamily dwellings on Mayfield Rd. between Melear and Fielder prior to the holidays as it had been an ongoing problem. We called the “action” line first got now where with an argumentative city employee which resulted in an in-person visit. The supervisor gave us a business card to call someone else and soon bid us goodbye. Our complaint fell on deaf and unwilling ears. The issue to this day has not been resolved. A dead animal has been added just down the way in the median where it is slowly decaying. So, now this app will solve these problems? Don’t believe it! We need less people sitting around that office and more code enforcement on the streets to take care of the business for which our taxes are paying.

    1. Thanks for your feedback – it will help us improve our services. I am sharing your concern with the Action Center and someone should be contacting you soon.

  5. Just loaded the Ask Arlington app and my android phone cannot pull it up. Continues to say “Woops!! Something went wrong. Retry”.

  6. I like the concept and would like to try it but the app will download to my phone but never loads once there!

      1. Susan, you are thanking someone for downloading and using an app, when Beverly clearly stated it won’t load. This makes me wonder if the complaints are actually read and understood. I agree with Lu’s comment above, smoke and mirrors.

        1. Hi Kim. My response to Beverly was made after I passed along her complaint to the Action Center and was then later notified that she was able to download the app. I apologize for any confusion to my posted response. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

  7. My first thought is to wonder if the City of Arlington is prepared to action the increased number of reports which will result in making access so easy. Be careful what you wish for. 🙂

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