New Welcome Monument on Interstate 30 Under Construction

Arlington citizens and guests can expect to see something new during their drive on Interstate 30 this summer. A new welcome monument is in the works to greet drivers entering into The American Dream City.

The sign, which will be located near Randol Mill Park, will stand 20 feet tall and will reflect the City’s star logo, adopted in 2014.  The Parks and Recreation Department is working diligently with the Texas Department of Transportation and contractors to have the project completed in early July.

This $310,000 project is funded by a 2012 Keep Texas Beautiful Governor’s Community Achievement Award. The grant is designated to be used for the beautification of local rights-of-ways.

“The master plan is to place gateway signs at all major entry points to Arlington over time as funding is identified. We want people to know they have arrived in The American Dream City,” said Gary Packan, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation.

Contractor C. Green Scaping of Fort Worth poured more than 148,000 pounds of concrete last month to create the 20 foot by 20 foot foundation for the sign.

Fabrication of the monument began offsite in Haltom City by Arc Enterprise. The stainless-steel structure will take about six weeks to complete and will be assembled in two parts on site. An Arlington-based business, 3DI Signs and Designs, will then install the name “Arlington,” which will be illuminated at night and have the ability to change colors, in front of the logo.


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not my favorite, nope not fond of it. It is very OPEN and things from behind it mess with it, You can’t really tell what it is, as the A is messy right in the middle and then Arlington is small and open as well and just mixes in with back ground. I would have like a bolder one, not open Driving by it, I don’t think people will really look at it, unless it is in Neon colors. Blah.