City Council Considers Hiring Outside Attorney, Industry Expert to Oppose Saltwater Disposal Well

The Arlington City Council will consider hiring outside attorneys and an industry expert to oppose a proposed saltwater disposal well on the Fort Worth side of Lake Arlington.

The City of Arlington and the City of Fort Worth have both filed letters with the Texas Railroad Commission protesting BlueStone Natural Resources’ application to create the proposed well. The Arlington City Council is schedule to vote to retain an outside law firm and a technical expert during its Tuesday, March 7 evening meeting.

The BlueStone Natural Resources’ proposed well would be used for the underground disposal of produced saltwater and other oil and gas well-related waste water, according to the permit application, which was filed in December with the state.

Both the City of Arlington and the City of Fort Worth have ordinances prohibiting saltwater disposal wells within their city limits.

Click here to read the City Of Arlington’s letter of protest to the Texas Railroad Commission.

Lake Arlington provides drinking water to Arlington, as well as to several northeast Tarrant County communities that are served by the Trinity River Authority. Lake Arlington also is a key part of the Tarrant Regional Water District’s distribution system, which brings source water to Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield and other smaller communities.

BlueStone Natural Resources stated that its waste water would be injected into the porous Ellenburger Formation at depth intervals between 7,850 feet to 11,500 feet, according to its application.

The City of Arlington’s letter to the state raised concerns about the proposed disposal well site’s proximity to the Lake Arlington Dam. The lake holds about 13 billion gallons of water.

The Trinity River Authority has filed a letter with the state in support of the City of Arlington’s protest letter.The Texas Railroad Commission has scheduled a public hearing in Austin for May 24 and May 25.


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Liveable Arlington

Please use this link to voice your objection to a wastewater injection well next to Lake Arlington. And then share it with everyone you know in the area. This threatens the drinking water of half a million people, all of Tarrant County is affected. Thank you! Please put your full name and address, otherwise the RRC will not count your letter.

William Hillier

Sorry but this chaps my hide. What kind of idiot company would put a wastewater “Well” (Dumping facility) next to a water source for the community?
Make them haul it back to Oklahoma where they are from!

Liveable Arlington

You can send your own letter of opposition to the Railroad Commission.

Please email your opposition letter to
Here is a template.
Dear Ms. Jimenez,

I am writing to protest the permitting of Bluestone Natural Resources wastewater disposal well with Tracking number 46045
in Newark East field for Cravens lease well number1.
Make sure you include your full name and address.


I would think the owner of the Handley power plant would have a concern with regard to this issue and the risk to that facility as well.

Kim Feil
Too bad Arlington didn’t sue Ft Worth for running all those laterals under our drinking water source…but I bet they go the mineral money for that and so all is well in Arlington frack hell. When those wells on the Ft Worth side of the lake were up for auction, I asked the city to partner with Ft Worth and buy up those wells and permanently shut them in especially now that we know how often in the last few years that area flooded. Try and get that area designated officially as a flood zone cause it is! I have… Read more »