Arlington Named Among Top 10 ‘Best Cities for Veteran Homebuyers to Live’

Finding employment and a place to call home can be a challenging task for the thousands of veterans who transition back into civilian life each year.

That’s why the City of Arlington is pleased to be included in Veterans United Home Loan’s new Top 10 “Best Cities for Veteran Homebuyers to Live” list.

Veterans United Home Loans said it created a list of veteran-friendly cities to help these individuals narrow down their house-hunting search. Top factors include veteran unemployment rate, veteran population, cost of living, job growth, education and percentage of monthly income spent on mortgage and rent payments.

Arlington ranked No. 7 on this year’s list, scoring well in categories such as growing economy, connected military community, education, and affordable mortgage payments.

The City of Arlington has helped make housing more affordable for hundreds of families through the use of federal grants funding, including Community Development Block Grants and HOME Investment Partnerships. Click here to hear the story of U.S. Air Force veteran Dina Kaswatuka realizing her homeownership dream in Arlington. 

Check out our Live in Arlington website to explore some of the great reasons to make The American Dream City your place to live, work, play and learn.


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Jeremy Halloway

Thank you very much for sharing. This is a great insight.

Debbie Hall

I’d love for Arlington to pick up on the idea of Tiny Homes for veterans! Other cities are setting a new precedent and Arlington can add it’s vision to “the Dream City” by doing planning for one of these neighborhoods! Please urge the city council to consider Tiny Homes for our homeless, but most of all, our Veterans! Turn our honored to Homebuyers instead of homeless!

Debbie Hall

This is one of the reasons why I’d love Arlington to consider adding a neighborhood of “Tiny Houses” for the veterans (particularly our homeless vets!) Not for the publicity, not for the fame, but for the compassion and the debt owed to our nations’ finest! Please look into getting a Tiny House neighborhood in the Arlington area!