Arlington Water Utilities’ 2016 Water Quality Report Released

Arlington Water Utilities’ 2016 Water Quality Report went online Monday, May 1 to give residents details on how the public utility provides billions of gallons of safe, high-quality water throughout the year.

The report, which is available at, is filed each year with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Some information contained in the new version includes:

  • In 2016, Arlington Water Utilities’ laboratory collected about 5,000 water samples and performed about 22,350 tests.
  • Arlington water met or exceeded all federal and state standards for safety in 2016.
  • Arlington Water Utilities’ treatment division treated 18,963,640,404 gallons of water in 2016.

“I hope our residents will find that this report presents the information related to our water quality in a manner that is easily understood, with a narrative that explains the relevance of the information to their individual lives,” said Buzz Pishkur, Arlington Water Utilities Director. “Arlington Water Utilities has a long history of water quality excellence and our entire staff makes upholding and advancing that reputation a priority in all of our daily work.”

The new report also contains information on frequently asked questions, including a description of the City’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI program) and information addressing taste and odor concerns. The online document also features links to videos with more information about Arlington Water.

To request a printed copy of the new report, call 817-575-8984.