Arlington Approves Nearly $161,000 in Neighborhood Matching Grants

Shorewood Estates near Lake Arlington will continue beautification efforts with a Neighborhood Matching Grant received in 2017.

Neighborhood entrance signs, a butterfly garden and playground enhancements are just a few of the projects that will receive funding this year through the City of Arlington’s Neighborhood Matching Grant program.

On April 25, the Arlington City Council approved nearly $161,000 in grant funds for 12 projects proposed by neighborhoods across The American Dream City.

The goal of the Neighborhood Matching Grant program is to provide financial support for resident and community-based programs and activities that foster civic pride, enhance and beautify neighborhoods and improve neighborhood vitality and participation. This program aligns with the City Council priority to Champion Great Neighborhoods.

The residents of Shorewood Estates, for example, are planning additional beautification projects this summer to complement landscaping and entrance sign improvements made last year thanks to grant funding.

“The residents of our neighborhood love the additions and we continue to receive compliments from surrounding neighborhoods as well,” said Shorewood Estates resident Ethan McDaniel. “We look forward to using this year’s grant funding to make our neighborhood better not only for ourselves, but for those who pass through our neighborhood as well.  We are blessed to have a city that champions great neighborhoods like Shorewood Estates!”

The homeowners at River Legacy Estates plan to give their neighborhood entrance a makeover with their grant.

“While the renovation is going to make our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhood more exquisite, the main goal is to have the neighbors get together as a team, work on a project, and get to know each other,” said Brandon Doherty of River Legacy Estates. “We are a small, busy HOA and this project is a great chance for us to get together and gain a little sweat equity and pride in where we live.”

Each neighborhood group went through an application and review process, which started last November, detailing how members would use the grant money to improve their community. The following projects were approved:


Pecan Acres Homeowners Association, Inc.

Project Summary: Conversion of an existing open space into a park and butterfly garden including drip irrigation for existing planter boxes, picnic tables and benches.

Grant Total: $11,701

Arlington Lago Vista Homeowners Association Inc.

Project Summary: Updated landscaping at the entrance to the community and along the roadway with native plants.

Grant Amount: $21,500

Villas of Tuscany Homeowners Association

Project Summary: Replacement of an Elm tree along Arkansas Lane and landscaping with a flagpole at the neighborhoods entry.

Grant Total: $3,212

Shorewood Estates

Project Summary: Expansion of decorative boulders on intersections throughout the neighborhood, installation of two free sharing libraries, and replacement of more than 40 street sign poles through the neighborhood.

Grant Total: $7,495

Homeowners Association of River Legacy Estates, Inc.

Project Summary: Installation of native plant landscaping and additional lighting at the neighborhood entryway.

Grant Total: $12,035

Lake Port Village Community Association, Inc.

Project Summary: Painting of rusted and weathered light poles throughout the neighborhood.

Grant Total: $9,382

Improving Accessibility

Oak Lake Association, Inc.

Project Summary: Replacement of a wooden bridge with an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant aluminum bridge.

Grant Amount: $21,500

The Oak Lake Association plans to replace a wooden bridge using a Neighborhood Matching Grant received in 2017.

Recreational Amenities

Harris Crossing Homeowners Association, Inc.

Project Summary: Improvements to Windy Gap Park, including a full sports court, walking/jogging trails, shade structure and native landscaping.

Grant Total: $21,500

Community Identity

Waterwood Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Project Summary: Installation of sign toppers to street signs on all intersections within the community.

Grant Total: $1,495

Tiffany Woods, Inc.

Project Summary: New entryway signage with illumination for greater neighborhood visibility.

Grant Total: $23,000

Oak Canyon Homeowners, Inc.

Project Summary: Updated entryway for the neighborhood, including a new illuminated sign, replacement of the back gate and stonework.

Grant Total: $10,750

Waterwood Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Project Summary: New entryway signs for the neighborhood entrance at Arkansas Lane and Lakehurst Drive.

Grant Total: $17,360

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