Arlington Public Library Appreciates its Dedicated Volunteers

This National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 23-29, the Arlington Public Library showed volunteers how valued and important they are. The library is lucky to have dedicated volunteers of all ages who work at all locations as well as out in the community. In today’s world, it’s getting difficult to retain consistent and quality volunteers, but the effort is worth it.

Volunteers are a powerful part of the solution to many challenges faced by the community. They bring their special talents and are donors that can make volunteer engagement a valuable investment. Volunteers are our unsung heroes that we often overlook.

All library locations featured banners, posters, personalized notes, and snacks for our volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation Week. The library relies on volunteer assistance for many of our programs and events, but library staff also enjoy the relationships they build with volunteers.

Cynthia Nguyen, the Volunteer Coordinator at the Literacy House, says, “Getting to know each and every volunteer and their stories inspires me to come in to the Literacy House every day. I enjoy seeing their weekly progress with our students, especially when students start to greet us more and more confidently — just because of that impact the volunteers have! It is the little things that make a big difference.”

Thank you, library volunteers, for all that you do. If you’re also driven by compassion and commitment, consider joining our story as a volunteer. Click here to learn about opportunities and apply.