May Volunteer of the Month: Janet DeGray-Norman

Congratulations to our Janet DeGray-Norman, our Volunteer of the Month for May.

DeGray-Norman has only been with Animal Services for couple of months now, but she has already proven to be a dedicated and highly respected asset to our volunteer team.

Recently promoted to a volunteer coordinator position,  DeGray-Norman comes in at least two or three times a week for a minimum of four hours to help clean and sanitize the adoption dog kennels. After she is finished scrubbing the kennels, she takes at least three dogs to the outdoor play area to socialize and exercise.

DeGray-Norman has also brought in donations of items needed to complete daily cleanings in the kennels.  Not only does she help to enrich the lives of the dogs in our adoption kennels, she is also a wonderful lady who has a big smile and a friendly hello to every person she comes in contact with.

Thank you for all that you do!


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Terry R. Meyer

Janet, Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!