Pets of the Week – Meet Zya & E.T.

Dog of the Week – Meet Zya

This two year old female Australian Shepherd mix is black and brown in color and weighs 51 pounds. Although Zya is somewhat cautious around strangers, she appears to be a loving dog with a high level of energy. Australian Shepherds are characterized by being intelligent and devoted to their owners. They enjoy working, whether learning tricks or engaging in other physical activity. A new pet guardian with a large yard to play in would be ideal for Zya. Meet Zya in Dog Adoptions (DA) 22; her ID number is 35209507.

Cat of the Week – Meet E.T.

This four and a half month old female Domestic Shorthair is grey and black in color with white paws. Curious is a good word to describe this kitten. E.T.  shows a keen interest in checking out her surroundings. However, after she has satisfied her curiosity, she does enjoy playtime. Done with playtime, she can be enticed into your lap where she will purr loudly in response to your attention. Adopt E.T so she can “go home” instead of “phone home”. Meet E.T. in Cat Adoptions (CA) 17; her ID number is 35207037.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

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They’re so adoooorable!!