Ryan Dodson’s American Dream: Helping to Revitalize Arlington’s Downtown

Ryan Dodson’s Arlington Dream continues to build on a family legacy and rich history of development in The American Dream City.

Dodson Companies have been active in the real estate business since C.B. Dodson, Ryan’s grandfather, built his first building in the 1940’s. Ryan’s father, Jerry Dodson, along with C.B., continued investing, building and managing real estate in the area throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Ryan Dodson founded Dodson Development in 2001 and has steadily overseen the growth and scope of company projects since.

“Our family has been in Arlington for a long time,” Dodson said. “Our dream is that we can continue to help the community by revitalization and through different projects that add that cool factor.”

The company has played a major role in the continued growth of Downtown Arlington, including the Block 300 project on East Abram Street, which includes Hooligan’s Pub, Flying Fish and Twisted Root Burger.

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Dodson Development broke ground a little more than one year ago on its Urban Union project, transforming a collection of dilapidated businesses along Front Street into new hot spot in Downtown Arlington.

Last month, the Arlington community and business leaders and a few hundred customers celebrated the grand opening of the Urban Union’s first phase of development with live music, food and drinks and fun. Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery, Legal Draft Beer Co. and Sleepy Cottage, are some of the businesses already open in the seven-acre district near Division, Front and East streets.

Ryan Dodson is also involved in the development of 404 Border, a 135-unit market rate apartment complex at the corner of Border and Mary Streets. Open only for the past seven months, the downtown apartment complex is almost completely leased out.

In addition to his role as President and managing partner of Dodson Development, Ryan Dodson is an executive committee member of Downtown Arlington Management Corporation’s Board of Directors and a board member of Arlington Children’s Toys Inc.

To learn more about Dodson Development and the company’s projects, please visit dodsondevelopment.com.