Speed Limit Reductions Coming to Abram Street, Center Street and UTA Boulevard

Pedestrians crossing UTA Boulevard near Cooper Street in Downtown Arlington. The speed limit in this portion of UTA Boulevard will decrease from 35 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour.

Beginning soon, drivers in Downtown and east Arlington will notice decreased speed limits along portions of Abram and Center streets and UTA Boulevard.

Recent developments in Downtown Arlington and record-setting enrollment at The University of Texas at Arlington have resulted in a dramatically increased number of pedestrians in and around the area.

“The Abram Street corridor and UTA have seen many changes in recent years. By reducing the speed limits in these areas, we hope to increase pedestrian enjoyment of all the Downtown area has to offer,” said Daniel Burnham, a project engineer with the Public Works and Transportation Department.

The safety of residents and children attending the recently opened McNutt Elementary were leading factors in reducing the speed limit on the southern portion of the Center Street.

The affected streets and new speed limits are:

Abram Street

  • Bowen Road to Fielder Road, 40 mph
  • Fielder Road to Collins Street, 30 mph

UTA Boulevard

  • Davis Drive to Center Street, 30 mph

Center Street

  • Ryan Plaza Drive to Road to Six Flags Drive, 30 mph
  • Road to Six Flags Drive to Division Street, 35 mph
  • Division Street to Park Row Drive, 30 mph
  • Park Row Drive to Pioneer Parkway, 35 mph
  • Pioneer Parkway to Bardin Road, 30 mph


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Denise Wylie

Why would the speed go up 5 mph for center from park row to 303? There are homes in that stretch and cars go well over the posted 35 mph, currently.

Carl Stone

Are there any planned changes to Mesquite Street speed limits? Mesquite Street is not mentioned in the article.

Kim Feil

Please open East St back up crossing over the railroad tracks….it is simply gridlock trying to get around downtown!