Green Oaks Boulevard Repair Project Wraps Up $2.6 Million Under Budget

After nearly a year of construction, the 2016 Green Oaks Concrete Repair and Resurfacing project is complete and approximately $2.6 million under budget.

This project, which is funded by the voter-approved Street Maintenance Sales Tax Fund, consisted of three phases.

Phases I and II included the sections of Green Oaks Boulevard between IH-20 and Pleasant Ridge Road and Arkansas Lane and Pioneer Parkway. The work performed consisted of milling off the existing road surface and repairing failed sections of concrete. This process was followed up by a wedge mill and the application of a two-inch asphalt overlay to build a new road surface. The section of Little Road from Poly Webb Road to Green Oaks Boulevard was also repaired using the same process.

Phase III, which consisted of repairing approximately 100 concrete panels between Pleasant Ridge Road and Arkansas Lane, began in November 2016, and was not included in the original construction plan. This additional work was made possible by savings identified in Phases I and II.


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Wow that’s a first. Cities/states should give awards for staying under budget.