Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar Set to Open in Downtown This Summer

Do you enjoy starting your morning with a mocha and later mellowing out with a merlot? Greet the dawn with a cappuccino and finish the day with a cabernet? Get the best of both worlds at a new coffee and artisan wine bar set to open in Downtown Arlington later this summer.

Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar is the dream of Arlington couple Tony and Nicole Rutigliano. The bar will eventually open in the former Lester’s automotive shop at 403 E. Main St. near Mavericks Bar & Grill and Division Brewing. Until then, residents can stop by Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery at Urban Union, 201 N. East St., and grab a freshly brewed cup of Urban Alchemy coffee or a bag of house blend.

Both Nicole and Tony, who will soon step down as Downtown Arlington Management Corporation CEO and President, are actively chronicling their journey as fledgling entrepreneurs and providing regular updates about the status of Urban Alchemy’s future opening on social media.

“There are several aspects of this endeavor that really excite me. My passion for the community, the opportunity to foster stronger connections, and the physical contribution to creating a sense of place are very important to me,” Tony Rutigliano wrote in a recent blog post. “Most of all, I want to build something that will sustain my family and team members we’ll hire, and something that gives back to the community that his given so much to me.”

Tony recently shared his vision for the new venture with MyArlingtonTX.com.

How did the idea for Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar come about?

The idea of the wine bar developed over a period of several years, but really came together in late 2015. I spent a lot of time that year thinking about the future of my family and pondering opportunities for me to build something for them. Downtown Arlington was growing, and I believed there was an opportunity to create a unique community gathering place. So, I concluded that it there could be nothing better than to bring the Arlington community together around coffee and wine.

Why do you feel this business is a good fit for Downtown Arlington?

I believe that Urban Alchemy will be a great fit for Arlington because the idea was conceived and crafted with Arlington in mind. I hope it will become Arlington’s living room!

How did your role with the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation play a part, if any, in your decision to start up your own Downtown business? 

My role with the DAMC gave me the inspiration and confidence that I could be successful as an entrepreneur.

You’re promoting the future Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar as part cozy chair, part meeting space and part place to celebrate. How will the wine bar’s look and setup reflect this?

The bar will look and feel like a living room. We’ll have comfortable sofas and arm chairs with interesting seating vignettes to accommodate small or large groups. We want you to be able to find a comfortable space whether your meeting a friend for drinks or celebrating with a group of friends. We’ll also have space to host a business meeting.

What kinds of wine and coffee do you plan to offer? Any foods?

We plan to offer wine from about 50 different labels, and premium coffee from a local roaster.  As far as food, our current plan is to offer small plate items such as sandwiches, appetizers and locally sourced baked goods. We also plan to offer signature charcuterie boards and chef-inspired deserts.

When will the bar open?

We are hoping to open the bar in late August or early September, and we expect our hours to be from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the business?

Urban Alchemy will be much more than a bar. We plan to host wine tastings and dinners, art exhibits and live music, and other unique special events.

Click here to visit the Urban Alchemy Facebook page.