Residents Invited to Attend Public Meeting on Proposed Ordinance Updates

Code Compliance Services periodically reviews property maintenance ordinances for current applicability, congruency with state statutes, opportunities to improve voluntary compliance, and trending issues  identified by residents or the Arlington City Council.

The City is currently considering these updates:

  • An ordinance creating the Garage Sales Chapter
  • Proposed amendments to the Nuisance Chapter,  Definition of a Dilapidated Fence
  • Proposed amendments to the Unified Development Code, General Fence Maintenance
  • Proposed amendments to the Nuisance Chapter, Nuisance Landscape.

Residents are invited to participate in a public meeting at 6 p.m., Monday July 10 to discuss and provide input to the proposed ordinance adoption and ordinance amendments.  The meeting will be held in the Council Briefing Room on the third floor of Arlington City Hall, 101 W. Abram Street.

Click here to read the proposed ordinance amendments.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with staff, in order to receive more detail regarding the proposed ordinance adoption or amendments, please contact Code Compliance Services Administrator Mike Bass by email at, or you may call him at 817-459-5341.


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George Haggard

How can a citizen obtain a copy of the Amendments?

Susan Schrock

Hi, George. We will email you a copy of the proposed amendments. If you have any additional questions, please email me at Thanks!

George Haggard

Where can citizens see the proposed amendments?