Spotlight Random Acts of Kindness in Community Through Ask Arlington App

Did a stranger lend a helping hand when you were stranded on the side of the road or surprise you by paying for your coffee or dinner? We want to hear about it! The City of Arlington is launching a new initiative aimed at promoting and showcasing kindness in our community.

The recently formed Community Relations Commission was tasked by Mayor Jeff Williams and the Arlington City Council to develop a way to draw attention to people doing good deeds here. As part of the new “Experience the Kindness of Our Dream City” campaign that launched today, residents and visitors are encouraged to report random acts of kindness through the City’s free mobile app, Ask Arlington.

The City of Arlington’s kindness initiative aspires to spread awareness about the importance of kindness around the community by getting residents to think of ways to be kinder and to help others.  That effort could be as simple as opening the door for someone or mowing the yard of an elderly neighbor.

The Commission, a 15-member group of residents appointed by the City Council earlier this spring, will work to spread awareness of the City’s core values of compassion and kindness by promoting amicable relations and fostering understanding between different cultures and communities.

“I love this city because its diversity is apparent everywhere I go,” said Devan Allen, who serves as Commission chair. “While our differences should be celebrated, the kindness initiative will give lifelong residents and those new to the city, as well as those just visiting, a great opportunity to participate in a meaningful and unique sameness – working together to give and receive kindness.”

Members hope to raise awareness by promoting activities and programs available to residents, including numerous volunteer opportunities Arlington departments offer throughout the year. The Commission also looks forward to future collaborations with local school districts and colleges, city departments, and other community stakeholders.

Today, Williams challenged residents to report 400,000 acts of kindness over the next year. The initiative is a way to promote unity within the city, and the Ask Arlington app is an easy way to log and celebrate those deeds, he said.

“The initiative – and the mobile app – is a way to put helping your neighbor and being kind at the top of everyone’s mind,” Williams said. “It’s also an opportunity for us to take our can-do spirit to a higher level.”

The app allows users, who can remain anonymous, to upload photos and videos to provide more information about the act of kindness.

“We want to capture all of those acts of kindness so that they can be shared with others and hopefully inspire more and more people to do the same,” Marketing Communications Manager Jay Warren said.

The Ask Arlington app can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app stores. Once downloaded, open the app. Then tap on the “Submit a Request” button to report an act of kindness.

PSA: Using the Ask Arlington App


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S Sutton

I live in Arlington but was shopping at a QUik Trip in Mansfield. While waiting in line to pay for my bottled water,the young man in front of me told me he wanted to pay for my water. Such a kind gesture. God bless you young man!

Martha Carter

The TRE train was packed after seeing the Neil Diamond concert returning from the Union Station to the DFW Station. A very nice gentleman gave up his seat for me and stood for the 30 minute transit. Thank you very much for your kindness.

Marilyn Stotts

On April 15 2017 I was walking down Park Row when I suddenly fell over an uneven section of the sidewalk. There was a man playing with his little boy in their front yard. They live @ 1501 Carswell. The man ran over to me to help me up. I know it was a small gesture but it meant something to me. I will always remember him. He didn’t have to help me but he did which I appreciated him for it

SL Harrington

Why is it mandatory to use the Ask Arlington App?? Some people use laptops or tablets or do not have a phone with “apps” (just a basic cell phone.). Why isn’t there a website to post a random act of kindness???

Mary Hoots

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Susan Schrock

Hi. You can also report acts of kindness online here:

Benita Ibrahim
“21 days of hope” This story is so precious and is exactly what community building is all about and so precious. And restores hope to mankind. This was written by Kelly Thorne Gore and her precious daughter Sophie. “Last night as Sophie and I were praying, she came up with the idea to create “happy cards” for our neighbors. Sophie and I made cards this afternoon. Then, we went on our family walk handing out happy cards to everyone we saw! Such a simple act, but each person’s face lit up and several said that it made their day! One… Read more »
Benita Ibrahim

“21 Days of Hope”

Dawson’s are heading out to Feed the Kids of Mansfield for the week. We will make 1000+ bags of food to be distributed by multiple churches in the community throughout next week.

Thank you Dawson Family for giving of your time faithfully to help those in your community. Random acts of kindness and restoring hope In mankind. One act at a time!


Karen Williams

My husband and I had taken our twin grandsons for a walk at Boweman Springs Park. We passes a mom with her two kids that had been playing at the park too. A few feet from them the young son stopped us and offered my grandsons an ice cream sandwich from the box of ice cream that he and his mom had brought to the park. A really sweet act of kindness!! Thank you!

Diana Traicoff

I would like to recognize our wonderful neighbors, Monica and Mike Lara. Mike has been so much help to us as we are senior citizens and he has helped put up a fence, and just recently, he was instrumental in helping me cut down diseased trees in my backyard. Thank you Mike for being such a wonderful neighbor and friend!

Susan Schrock

Thank you so much for sharing this story, Diana. Have you logged this act of kindness on the City of Arlington’s Ask Arlington app?

At the beginning of June I was in Mardel on South Cooper in Arlington to buy some gifts. They were closing in about 15 minutes when I reached the checkout counter to pay. The clerk rang up my items and I reached into my purse to pull out my card to pay, but to my dismay I couldn’t find it. I then realized that I had used it earlier at home and left it on a nearby table accidentally. I asked the clerk to please hold my items while I went back home to get my card. She was about… Read more »
Susan Schrock

What a wonderful story! Have you shared this experience on the Ask Arlington app? Thank you.

Diane Ellis

Just saw a man putting out food for the feral cats in the parking lot of Albertsons on South Cooper. ❤