Act of Kindness: Republic Services Donates Children’s Bikes to Arlington

Republic Services employees donated 21 bicycles to the Arlington Police Department. These bicycles will be distributed at upcoming back-to-school events.

More than 20 children in the Arlington community will receive new bicycles for free this summer thanks to the generosity of Republic Services employees.

The company, which collects garbage and recycling in the City of Arlington and operates the City’s landfill, donated 21 colorful youth bicycles to the Arlington Police Department this month as part of a community service project and teambuilding effort.

Republic Services landfill divisions launched the bicycle donation project earlier this year and ordered 50 bikes to assemble and split among the various cities that the company serves, including Lewisville and Arlington.

David Hildreth, Republic Services division manager, said the goal of the project was for the employees to have fun while spreading positivity and kindness.

“My guys and gals are family-oriented and wanted to give back to the community,” Hildreth said.

The Arlington Police Department will distribute the bicycles at upcoming back-to-school events. The Public Works and Transportation Department helped coordinate the donation.

As part of the new “Experience the Kindness of Our Dream City” initiative, the City of Arlington is spotlighting kindness happening throughout our community, such as Republic Services’ generosity. Mayor Jeff Williams has challenged residents to report 400,000 acts of kindness through the City’s free Ask Arlington mobile app over the next year.

Thank you, Republic Services!

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Chuck V

An examplary action for all Texas communities, towns, cities belonging Texans take aim and follow. Kindness!

Hats off to Republic Services workers and all others involved! BRAVO!!