AMR Subscription Program Helps Reduce Cost of Ambulance Transports

Photo Credit: AMR

American Medical Response (AMR) is the City of Arlington’s exclusive contracted ambulance service. AMR operates as a “fee-based service,” meaning no tax dollars are utilized to subsidize the service.

As a result, all costs related to ambulance transports are paid by those who utilize the service.

In order to minimize costs to our residents, the City requires AMR to provide a subscription program that eliminates or reduces out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary ambulance transports.

Residents may enroll in the AMR Ready Care program at any time (not just during the open enrollment period).

The subscription cost is prorated based on the date of enrollment. Click here for to read the membership agreement. Residents do not have to be a Ready Care program member to utilize the ambulance service.

For questions regarding the Ready Care subscription program, please call AMR at 682-227-6035.