City Launches Survey, Holds Public Meetings About Short-Term Rentals

In addition to hosting a series of town hall meetings, the City of Arlington has launched an online survey to gather positive and negative feedback from residents and homeowners about the short-term rental industry in our community.

Click here to participate in the survey, which will be available through Jan. 31. The survey data is for informational purposes only.

Click here to view the Short-Term Rental Workshop presentation.

The public is also invited to attend in any of the following town hall meetings:

  • District 1 – Council Member Charlie Parker
    Monday, January 8, 2018
    6:30 p.m.
    Lamar High School, 1400 W. Lamar Blvd.
  • District 4 – Council Member Kathryn Wilemon
    Wednesday, January 10, 2018
    6:30 p.m.
    West Arlington Police Station, 2060 W. Green Oaks Blvd.
  • Districts 3 and 5 – Council Members Roxanne Thalman and Lana Wolff
    Tuesday, January 16, 2018
    6:30 p.m.
    Bob Duncan Center, Garden Room, 2800 S. Center St.
  • District 2 – Mayor Pro Tempore Sheri Capehart
    Wednesday, January 17, 2018
    6:30 p.m.
    South Police Service Center, 1030 S.W. Green Oaks Blvd.
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Kenneth McElhanon

Bed and breakfast homes have traditionally involved a home owner being resident and renting one or more vacant bedrooms and serving breakfast. I would like this to be stipulated for any STR in Arlington. Zoning should prevent homes being regarded as commercial properties and rented like hotels.

Jennifer Hurley
I believe it to be unreasonable to limit anyone’s behavior more than the law states now so long as they adhere to existing city law and the rules stated by Airbnb usage (which some people responding should really read) it should be fine to host any way the property owner deems fit. I believe Airbnb is a safer, better way to rent as it is short term so less damage occurs on the property and owners must take time to reset with every check out. It ensures the properties are cleaner and nicer looking as they want their review to… Read more »
Fish Creek Neighbor
Familes purchase homes in neighborhoods which are zoned “Residential” for a reason. Neighbors over time develop relationships that can be close like family. Neighbors look after each other’s children and pets, borrow an egg or a cup of sugar, or sit out on the porch talking on summer nights. We are also on the lookout for suspicious activity. With people coming and going at all hours of the day and night, it will be difficult to know who belongs and who doesn’t. Short-term rentals will weaken and further contribute to the chipping away at the fabric of our communities and… Read more »
Karen Phillips
We don’t just choose houses to live in. We also choose neighborhoods. How can someone make the commitment of purchasing a house based partially on the neighbors around it if they do not know who their neighbors will be from day to day because the houses around them are allowed to be rented by people who don’t actually live there? Short term rentals are usually for people attending a recreational event where they may not behave the same way they would behave in their own neighborhood. Let them rent hotel or motel or B&B rooms, not houses in residential neighborhoods.… Read more »
Anne barrett

Where could I get a copy of west was discussed at the district 4 meeting on January 10?

Robert Phillips CPA

I recall the Harvard-Yale spokes person said that Arlington had over 400 hotel homes-Motel houses today. The next day, the city manager reported today, 1/18/18, that only 25 homes had completed 2017 hotel tax returns paying into the city from which they are reaping such a return from and at the expense of the neighbors and hood valuations next door. It’s a mess. I am totally against hotel homes as I have seen the decay and devaluations over the past two years on my street.


Please add survey link to the City’s Facebook page

Susan Schrock

Thank you for the feedback, Cynde. The survey was shared on the City of Arlington’s Facebook page on January 9.

George Knudson

No – do not want weekend rental of homes to groups – ok for single family , also no regular rental to groups of people in a home made for single family .

Linda Willis

I am not against STR’s but agree that there should be new rules.
1) limit the amount of guests to two renters per bedroom
2) no buses of any kind allowed to park anywhere near the location of the rental
3) only shuttles allowed to pick up and deliver No parking!
4) no parties allowed in STR locations. No exceptions!
5) signs posted in and on premises stating city rules and consequences of failure to comply.
6) security deposit to be made with city that is only refunded if there are no ‘incidents’

Susan Schrock

Thank you for the fedback, Linda.