Arlington Water Utilities Enhances Customer Communication with Email Alerts

Providing reliable water service to Arlington residents and visitors is a top priority for Arlington Water Utilities. However, necessary main renewal projects and emergency repairs can sometimes cause interruptions to water service.

A new feature introduced by Arlington Water this week will automatically send emails to account holders with on-file email addresses to alert them when their water service is interrupted by emergency or planned repairs. In addition, a new webpage with up-to-date water outage information has been added to the City of Arlington website. Visit view the new page.

The Arlington City Council has identified Putting Technology to Work as a priority for the city. As part of that commitment, Arlington Water Utilities continues to explore ways to use technology to keep residents informed about water and sanitary sewer services. New Arlington Water account features planned for later this year will give residents easier web access to data about their water usage and include other customer service enhancements.

To be notified via email of water service interruptions in your area, Water Utilities account holders can register their email address with the WebConnect system by visiting, or call Arlington Water Utilities at 817-275-5931 and ask to add an email address to your water account.

For water emergencies, including main breaks, call 817-459-5900 24 hours a day/seven days a week.


2 thoughts on “Arlington Water Utilities Enhances Customer Communication with Email Alerts”

  1. When are you going to get the water line fixed at Young Jr. High on Woodside Dr? This has been out for over 12 hours and all I see is some men holding shovels staring in a hole? When I talked with them the were waiting on parts and several city trucks were sitting around. Why didn’t they get up off their tails and go get the parts? We pay plenty of taxes in this city and 12 hour to fix a water line is a BIG JOKE!

    Maybe we need a FEW LESS STADIUMS AND BETTER UTILITY SERVICE IN ARLINGTON. And to top it off WATER RATES ARE GOING UP THIS YEAR! What is wrong with this city?

    Your answering service and website is worthless as no one knows anything, website info is incorrect and no one can tell you any information as all city supervisors and managers are off! What a total joke.

    1. We apologize for any inconvenience. Repairs to an 18” concrete cylinder water main caused water service interruptions in your area and our crews worked as quickly as possible to restore water service within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.

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