Interlochen Spreads Holiday Cheer for 43rd Year With Dazzling Light Displays

One of the largest holiday light displays in North Texas continues in Arlington for the 43rd year.

Beginning Friday, Dec. 14, the Arlington Police Department will setup traffic control posts from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. to help facilitate safe travel through the annual Interlochen Christmas Lights display. Drivers must enter the Interlochen neighborhood from Randol Mill Road at Westwood Drive.

Every year, more than 200 homeowners in this northwest Arlington neighborhood near Interstate 30 celebrate the season by adorning their homes and property with festive lights and holiday-themed displays. The neighborhood recently made GuideLive’s list of top Christmas light displays in DFW.

Admission is free. Travel route and safety information is below.

Click here to view the Interlochen Holiday Lights 2018 traffic map.

Interlochen Neighborhood Entrance and Exit:

  • Enter the Interlochen neighborhood from Westwood Drive at Randol Mill Road.
  • From Westbound I-30, take the Fielder Road exit and go south to Randol Mill Road. Turn right on Randol Mill Road and follow it to Westwood Drive.
  • From Eastbound I-30, take the Eastchase Parkway exit, turn east on Meadowbrook Boulevard to Randol Mill Road, then right on Randol Mill Road to Westwood Drive.
  • All other streets to the Interlochen neighborhood are closed. Left turns are prohibited from northbound Bowen at Westwood and northbound Oakwood at Randol Mill. All traffic will be forced to turn southbound on Crowley Road. Tour buses will not be allowed on Porto Bello Court.

Before you go! Important Safety Tips:

  • Traffic must keep right at all times, leaving the left lane open for emergency vehicles and Interlochen homeowners.
  • Adults and children must be properly secured by safety belts and child safety seats.
  • Visit during the week. Weekends are the highest traffic-volume days.
  • Pack a little patience. Traveling through the area could be slow.
  • Pedestrian traffic is permitted. Roller skating in the street is prohibited by the Arlington Municipal Code. No solicitation or sales by any vendors or group will be allowed from any public roadway or public rights-of-way.


4 thoughts on “Interlochen Spreads Holiday Cheer for 43rd Year With Dazzling Light Displays”

  1. Three and a half hours in traffic—stretching all the way down Fielding and Randol Mill. We tried to bail at one point and couldn’t even get out of the queue because the traffic was so bad! Very disappointing. We didn’t even get to see many displays. We have never gone before and didn’t know what to expect. We will never be going back.

  2. This was a wonderful experience. Not sure what difficulty the other person had but I suspect they were not in the Christmas Spirit to begin with. We found it very easily for having just moved to Cedar Hill from Ohio. From the time we got in the queue to the time we were pulling out of the neighborhood we clocked at 2 hours but a large portion of that was driving around and seeing the lights. My 2 year old had a good time until she fell asleep in the back seat. The displays were wonderful and took me back to my childhood when I used to do that with my parents. I am so excited to take them this weekend when they drive down. There were Police Officers directing traffic, I counted at least 4 but there could have been more. There are also some home owners selling snacks, water, and cocoa. The biggest thing to remember is to be patient. You could go and spend money to see light displays and wait a lot longer. This is fantastic and free in exchange for patience. Merry Christmas Y’all!

  3. Horrible traffic, your directions are all lies not a cop in sight directing traffic and the directions say all roads except the traffic on randoll mill from the east will be closed to thru traffic, which is also a lie. Took 2 hours just to get into the neighborhood.people cut you off,sneak into your lane from the purported left “resident lane”
    – WORST experience EVER

    1. Hate to hear that this happened to you. Saturday nights are by far the busiest for traffic and sometimes (thankfully, not often) things can go wrong. If you contact me directly at we can work out a special tour for you. Merry Christmas, Ralph Sobel, President, Lake Interlochen HOA

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