Bond Tracker: Eden Road/New York Avenue Realignment Now Complete

The City of Arlington has launched a regular Bond Tracker segment for MyArlingtonTV to keep residents informed about the progress of construction on dozens of projects that were included in the City’s bond elections.

The Public Works and Transportation Department is proud to announce the completion of major construction for the realignment of New York Avenue and Eden Road to connect with TxDOT’s new SH 360 Tollway in southeast Arlington.

Construction started in January 2018 on the $5.7 million bond project, which was approved by Arlington voters in 2014. The realignment was a necessary step in City’s long-range thoroughfare development plans to extend Eden Road so that it one day stretches from US 287 in southwest Arlington to SH 360 on the southeastern side of town.

As part of the project, New York Avenue no longer continues beneath the new SH 360 Tollway, which opened in May 2018. New York Avenue was realigned so it curves south to a new roundabout. From the roundabout, drivers are be able to take the newly built portion of Eden Road to access the southbound SH 360 frontage road, continue underneath SH 360 to access the northbound frontage road, or continue to go east on what becomes New York Avenue on the Grand Prairie side of the tollway. The new section of Eden Road run from Chambers Creek Lane to the south frontage road for now.

In addition to the realignment, the project also included includes water and sanitary sewer line renewals, drainage improvements, sidewalk and bike trail, street lights, and landscaping. This project aligns with City Council’s priority to improve regional mobility.

In November 2014, Arlington voters approved a five-year, $236 million dollar bond package. Projects included in the package focus on street improvements, Parks & Recreation, Fire Department facilities and City Libraries.

The City offers residents an interactive Bond Tracker website, filtered map, updated stories and videos on construction projects, and complete list of the Capital Budget Planning and Project Sequencing for the 2014 Bond Program here.

Each project will be updated on the website and the City will post stories, videos and pictures of the progress of those projects.

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4 thoughts on “Bond Tracker: Eden Road/New York Avenue Realignment Now Complete”

  1. When will construction start on the Matlock road widening from Bardin to Green oaks start this year?

    1. Hello, Joe. Thank you for the question. Construction is projected to begin in 2022. The current designs submitted to the City for review require acquire acquisition of private property from either side of Matlock. Once a decision has been made as to which side of the street property will be purchased, the City will then begin working with individual property owners to complete the process so that construction can begin.

  2. So when are you going to start on the Southeast center of which has been coming for years now? 22m dollars last year appropriated towards it but still nothing. And it seems to me that the money(alot of money)for this project was already in a previous bond package from several years before 2014. And all we got was a bigger parking lot and bathrooms.

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