Arlington Kindness: The American Dream Story of Longtime Resident Sherry Hall

For the past four years, longtime Arlington resident Sherry Hall has lovingly created nearly 100 handmade scarves and distributed them with the help of her son to bring a bit of warmth and kindness to those in need on cold and blustery days.

“When you see someone else do something kind, sometimes it’s an opportunity to reflect on what you yourself can do,” Hall said.

When the weather begins turning cold, Hall and her son, Tyler Sowers, leave the scarves near places such as Mission Arlington and the Arlington Life Shelter, where they may come in handy for people in need.

“The idea for the scarves started after my mom taught me how to crochet,” Hall said. “I had seen some stories about people putting things out in different places, and I thought, that’s what I’ll do for Arlington.”

Hall, who is an author and also works for the Arlington Independent School District, said she churns out the bulk of the scarves during her summer vacation. During the rest of the year, she completes one to two more scarves per week.

Want to learn more about Hall’s project? Check out her Facebook page, “Yarn Across Arlington,” and follow her story. Maybe you’ll be inspired to join in on her mission to warm our community too!

People are encouraged to report acts of kindness that they perform, witness or were the recipient of through the City’s Ask Arlington mobile app, on the Acts of Kindness website, or by posting on social media using #ArlingtonKindness and @CityofArlington.

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  1. What a kind meaningful gesture. Giving back is life’s greatest reward.
    From JR NBA Girl’s Team Owner/Composer,
    T. Younger 🙂

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