Pets of the Week – Meet Carly & Palomo

Dog of the Week – Meet Palomo

This two year old male Pointer mix is white and black in color and weighs 70 pounds. Looking at Palomo, one might be reminded of the dog Petey from “Our Gang”, with the distinctive black eyepatch. Palomo is an energetic young dog who exhibits a keen curiosity of his surroundings. He walks well on a leash and can “sit” on command. A new home with an active family that can provide exercise opportunities and companionship is desirable. A secure backyard would be a necessity as well. Your new furry pal, Palomo, is waiting in Dog Adoptions (DA) 28 for you to choose him. His ID number is 40527265.

Cat of the Week – Meet Carly

Carly is our chosen cat of the week. This one and half year old female Domestic Medium Hair is solid black. Owner surrendered along with her sister recently, Carly is yearning to find a new home. Lovable and eager for attention, she is willing to arch up to meet your outstretched hand. Purring and kneading are included in her repertoire of endearing activities. She displays an interest in playing with toys and can sit up waiting to play with a feather. Given half a chance, Carly will  even climb up to your shoulder. Which one is the choice for your next furry companion? It is I, Carly. Meet Carly in Cat Adoptions (CA) 15, her ID number is 40885281.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

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