Welcome to MyArlingtonTx.com, the only official news site for the City of Arlington, Texas. This innovative and informational site was designed as a place for citizens to learn about the latest happenings in this dynamic city we call home.

It’s also a place to engage. This is where you’ll find news articles, videos, and complete access to all your favorite social media. Let us know what you think. Leave a comment on an article. Share it on Facebook or Twitter. Take a look at our easy-to-use calendar to see what events are happening about town then suggest an event of your own.

The City’s Office of Communication has distributed news and information for decades through various venues. From the Arlington Update newspaper, to the Arlington Update Cable News program to the recently discontinued E-Arlington electronic newsletter, the City of Arlington has a long-standing commitment to transparent government through all means of communication.

MyArlingtonTx.com is simply an evolution of that commitment.

This is where you will find the content which has always been generated and distributed by the Office of Communication. Materials such as news articles for the city’s website, videos for the City’s YouTube site and various types of content for its social media sites will now exist on one platform: MyArlingtonTx.com. It’s where you will also find content by and about our partners in community and education.

The cost of generating MyArlingtonTx.com and placing this content in one place is in fact, substantially less expensive than distributing the work everywhere and then distributing a twice-monthly electronic newsletter.

The City of Arlington is pleased to be able to provide this service in a manner which is engaging, contemporary and less expensive than previous formats.

We’re saving taxpayer dollars.

MyArlingtonTx.com is about Arlington. It’s about this richly-textured, fast-paced city with friendly neighborhoods, world-class athletes and awe-inspiring sports arenas. It’s about what makes us different and the things which are important to us all. It’s about what is happening around town and what is going to happen next.  MyArlingtonTx.com is about you.