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Arlington Reminds Residents to Cease the Grease This Thanksgiving

Articles Parks 11-24-14

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, Eco Man and Arlington Water Utilities want to remind residents to prevent backed-up sanitary sewers and clogged pipes by properly disposing of fats, oils and grease. Residents should not place meat fats, cooking oil, butter- and margarine-based goods, or dairy products down drains and Read more…

City Honors Industries at 2014 Pretreatment Environmental Awards

Articles Water 11-7-14

On November 6, 2014, the City of Arlington Water Utilities held the 2014 Pretreatment Environmental Awards to recognize 41 Arlington industries that fulfilled all industrial pretreatment compliance requirements in 2014. “Thank you for everything you do for Arlington; we are so pleased to have you all here today and would like Read more…

City Urges Residents to Prevent Water Contamination

Articles Water 07-21-14

As summer heats up, City of Arlington Water Utilities is urging residents to keep their water clean by preventing cross connections and backflow. A cross connection is a connection between the drinking water supply and substances which could contaminate the drinking water supply. Backflow is when a contaminant is sucked Read more…