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Transportation Planning :: Hike and Bike System Master Plan

Miles of Recommendations

 On-Street Bike Lanes 22
 On-Street Bike Routes 50
 Other On-Street Bike Facilities (paved shoulder/wide outside lane) 2
 Off-Street Trails 64
Total Bike System (On- and Off-Street) 138
Sidewalk Gaps 149


Hike and Bike System Master Plan – Adopted 8/2/2011

Bike & Pedestrian FAQ

How can I find out where to bike or run in Arlington?

Find the online map of existing hike and bike facilities here.

What is a bike route?

A bike route consists of markings to show bicyclists where to ride in the road and signage to remind drivers that bicyclists may be sharing the road.

What is a bike lane?

A bike lane is a striped and separated area of a road designated for use by bicyclists. Signage is also added along the lane designated the area as a bike lane.

Do I need to wear a bicycle helmet in the City of Arlington?

While helmets are encouraged for all bicyclists, Arlington requires helmets for all bicyclists under the age of 18. See the Traffic Ordinance for more information.

When I’m riding in a bike lane, do I need to think about the cars around me?

Always ride while paying attention to your surroundings. Cars are operated by humans, and humans make mistakes. Watch out for cars, pedestrians, animals, sticks, potholes, and anything else near or in front of you.

Also note that when the bike lane stripe turns into a dotted line, it means motorists may be crossing the lane to make turns. Be ready to slow down for motorists who don’t yield.

Are bicyclists allowed to ride on sidewalks?

Riding a bike on sidewalks is not specifically prohibited in the City of Arlington. However, riding on a sidewalk can actually be more dangerous than riding in the street, as motorists typically are not expecting to see a bicyclist on the sidewalk. For more information, please watch this video.

Please keep in mind, however, that Arlington does have some multi-use sidepaths (like along Northwest Green Oaks Blvd) which are specifically designed for both riding bicycles and walking.

What can I do if I encounter cars parked in a bike lane?

Unless prohibited with “no parking” signage, parking is allowed in bike lanes in Arlington, per the Hike and Bike System Master Plan approved by City Council (page 3-2).

How can I report maintenance issues on hike and bike facilities, signal light malfunctions, or safety concerns?

Please submit an Ask Arlington Request.

What is the background of the on-street bicycle system?

The Hike and Bike System Master Plan was approved by City Council in August 2011.

What are the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists on roadways?

Bicyclists have the same rights to and responsibilities of the road as motorists. Find more information on laws and safe riding here.

Do I need lights on my bicycle?

Front and rear lights are required at night. During the day they are not required, but they are good to keep on your bike for poor weather/visibility conditions or if you simply end out riding later than expected.

How can I learn how to ride a bike?

The League of American Bicyclists certifies local instructors who periodically hold classes in the DFW area. Check their website for dates.

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