Arlington Police remind motoring public to have a safe holiday season

The Arlington Police Department will be out in force this holiday season looking for intoxicated drivers. “Our officers will be working high-visibility enforcement along area roadways to locate signs of impaired drivers,” said Sgt. Steve Chao with the D.W.I. Enforcement Unit. Arlington Police are also participating in “No Refusal” operations during this extended holiday season. The “No Refusal” operations started Monday, December 16, 2013 and continue thru Wednesday, January 1, 2014.

During this timeframe, officers will use search warrants to obtain blood specimens from people who are arrested for driving while intoxicated and refuse to provide a breath specimen. In 2010, 211 children were killed in drunk driving crashes with 131 of those children riding with the intoxicated driver according to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

“We want the public to have a fun and enjoyable holiday season, but in a way that’s celebrated responsibly,” according to Chao.

Plan ahead. Designate a sober driver before festivities begin. Program your telephone with numbers of local cab companies so you can call one when you’re ready to leave. Make arrangements to be picked up by family or friends. If at a party at a residence or private location, spend the night where you area. Don’t let loved ones and friends drive if they’ve been drinking. Finally, report drunk drivers by calling 911. Your life or someone else’s may just depend on it.


Officers create holiday jingle about safe driving

As an update to a press release sent out Wednesday, we produced this very brief and short DWI Jingle that we invite media to include in any of your broadcasts.

Please click here to view the jingle.

It was sung by our very-own Officer Ray Polk in conjunction with our Motor Officers who dressed up as reindeer. Each year in Arlington, about half of our traffic fatalities involve alcohol impairment. APD wants everyone to have an enjoyable and fun holiday season, but to celebrate responsibly.

Thank you to all of our media outlets for assisting us! Have a safe weekend!