Police communications from officer-involved shooting released in effort to address gross misrepresentations on social media

As detectives continue to investigate the officer-involved shooting that occurred on August 7, 2015, the Arlington Police Department is working to be as responsive as possible to questions from the community and address public concerns. As details of the investigation are confirmed, we will provide them to public and media as soon as possible.

Today, the department is releasing the audio of police radio communications with dispatchers that provide details in real-time with no segments of time removed. The Arlington Police Department was made aware that there was a YouTube video that was published that grossly misrepresents the facts and makes a false claim that Mr. Christian Taylor was shot by police in less than one second after officers made contact with him. The audio which they relied upon and published was not official audio provided by the department and had segments of time removed.

We understand that in this day of advanced technology and the proliferation of social media, erroneous information can quickly spread and may be viewed by some as accurate and official; however, we urge the media and the public to rely upon official information provided by the Arlington Police Department as it pertains to this investigation.

Click here to listen to the police audio file on YouTube.