A Winning Team: Coach 5-0 Program Inspires Continued Success

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The Arlington Police Department’s Coach 5-0 mentoring program continues to inspire student athletes to be successful in sports and in life.

For 17-year-old Tajshia Moore, the program helped her realize a dream that was nearly cut short because of a few bad choices.

Last week, Tajshia marched across the stage as a graduate of the Juan Seguin High School Class of 2016. Waiting for her was a full ride scholarship to play basketball at Collin County Community College in Plano.

This moment almost didn’t happen. Tajshia was having problems at home. During her senior year, she moved in with friends in Dallas. Because of the commute, Tajshia said she was often late to class.

An injury during the season caused her to miss more than 20 games, said to her Coach Courtney Phillips.

As a mentor assigned to the high school, Deputy Chief Chavela Hampton helped to turn things around.

“It took a village,” Coach Phillips said. “Tajshia was on the edge of taking the wrong turn. Everyone rallied around her. Chavela was awesome and took the time to reach out and make a positive impact on her life.”

Tajshia says Deputy Chief Hampton became someone to talk with.

“I am very thankful that she stepped in,” she said. “She helped me work through issues at home. She could relate with some of the things I was trying to deal with.”

Last fall, Deputy Chief Hampton was among the first to sign up to help mentor student athletes as part of a new mentoring program that places officers on the sidelines and in locker rooms with teenage athletes. It was an opportunity to increase proactive engagement in the community.

When they met, Deputy Chief Hampton was in plain clothes, no uniform or badge. Tajshia did not know she was a police officer.

“I had a heart to heart conversation with Tajshia about her choices, life after high school and this wonderful, once in a lifetime scholarship opportunity she had been given,” Deputy Chief Hampton said.

“She and I connected that day and she made a commitment to herself and to me that she would do everything within her power to graduate and go to college,” she said. “It’s very rewarding for me to be a positive role model at this turning point in her life. I was able to help her realize and focus on her choices.”

The bond between this officer and teen continues to be strengthened. They text and talk often. Tajshia invited Deputy Chief Hampton to Signing Day in May and she was in the audience on graduation day. In the fall, she’ll attend her college games. The Coach 5-0 program brought them together.

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