APD Family Welcomes A New Police K-9

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The Arlington Police Department is welcoming a new K-9 to the family.

With a $12,000 contribution to the Arlington Police Foundation, K-9 Handler Vince Ramsour is training a new partner in a program he describes as K-9 Kindergarten.

Officer Ramsour has named his new partner, “Dude.”

Dude replaces K-9 Mojo who died in July 2016 after an exhaustive search for an aggravated assault suspect.  K-9 Mojo joined the department in 2010 and was credited with the apprehension of many dangerous felons. He also made hundreds of appearances at schools, crime prevention meetings and special events.

Like Mojo, Dude is a Belgian Malinois born in Holland. He is approximately 18 months old.

“I am especially thankful for this generous contribution and to the Arlington community who supports the work of the Arlington Police Department K-9 Unit,” Officer Ramsour said.

Through the Arlington Police Foundation, it was Tarrant County Blue who made this adoption possible.

Tarrant County Blue is made up more than 40 board members. There are no meetings. When an officer falls in the line of duty, each board member donates $100.

When a board member sees an officer in public, they anonymously pay for the police officer’s meal, hair cut, movie or service, always accompanied by the message, “We appreciate what you do in our community.”

Greg Morse is the chairman. His daughter, Logan, came up with the idea and worked with her dad to create the organization.

Thank you, Tarrant County Blue!


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