Officers Make Interlochen Holiday Lights Safe for Everyone

Just in time for Christmas, the Arlington Police Department is working to make travel safety a priority for homeowners and visitors who help make Interlochen a popular north Texas destination for holiday lights.

Motors Officer Darrin McMichael is one of many who works behind the scenes to execute the traffic plan. Officers are expecting thousands of cars, trucks, tour buses and limousines to slowly wind their way through this wonderland of lights, which runs through Christmas Day.

Visitors should enter Interlochen from Westwood Drive at Randol Mill. Remember to keep right at all times, leaving the left lane open for emergency services and Interlochen homeowners.

The traffic plan includes plenty of signage, traffic cones and video message boards. There has been communication and cooperation between officers and homeowners who have been part of this holiday tradition for more than four decades.  Admission is free.

Click on link below for traffic map and more details.

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