Arlington Police Department Hosts Bi-Annual Department Awards

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The Arlington Police Department held its Bi-Annual Awards Ceremony on Tuesday at the Tarrant County Sub-Courthouse to honor and recognize officers and professional staff. Police Chief Will Johnson awarded seven officers with the Life Saving Award, nine officers with the Police Officers Award and four officers with the Medal of Merit.

In addition, service awards were given out to officers and staff ranging from 20 years to 35 years of service with the City of Arlington.

Police Officers Award: Joel Brown, Greg Parker, Regan West, Stan Henry, Damien Gary, Julian Dean, Phillip Norton and Joseph Berry.
Life Saving Award: Steve Dollar, William Thunder, Nick Brening, Jody Huynh, Scott Burnett, Gerson Garcia and Jeff Lee.
Medal of Merit: Richard Huggins, Jakisha Jones, Kevin Kolbye and Scott Brown
20 Year Service Award: Michael Thomas
25 Year Service Award – Marcus Dixon, Vince Ramsour, Barry Samples, Robert Muguerza, Ben Lopez, Bobby Mason and Amanda Moss.
30 Year Service Award – Jeff Petty, John Marsh, Pam Gold and Mike Hollier.
35 Year Service Award – Jim Lowery and Greg Waldron.

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