Updated Release: Critical Incident Officer Involved Shooting


The Arlington Police Department continues with the investigation from last night. The officer who initiated the traffic stop is a male officer assigned to the West Patrol District with three and a half years of service. This officer initiated the traffic stop on the suspect vehicle for failure to signal turn under Texas Transportation Code 545.104. The suspect vehicle was traveling northbound on Fielder Road and prepared to turn westbound onto Randol Mill Road. The officer activated their emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop and the suspect vehicle pulled into the Tom Thumb parking lot located at 1701 W. Randol Mill Road. The officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle and smelled the odor of marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle. The officer requested two additional units to the scene. A female officer assigned to the West Patrol District who has eight years with the city and two years of service as a patrol officer was dispatched along with another male officer assigned to the West Patrol District with seventeen years of service. Upon the backup officers arriving, the original officer who made the stop requested the female driver to exit the vehicle. The female backup officer began to conduct a probable cause search of the female. See the attached Search Warrant Affidavit for the specifics related to the known facts.

Investigators completed the search of the vehicle and located 2.05 Oz. of Marijuana in two separate bags. There was also two digital scales seized in conjunction with the search of the car.

The injured officer remains in the hospital with serious injuries. Medical staff continue to provide treatment and determine the best course of action to treat the injury. The officer received an entry bullet wound in the front pelvic region of his body. The officer and his family wanted to express their sincere appreciation on the outpouring of community support and prayers. The officer still has a lengthy road ahead related to recovery.

At this time, the department is not releasing the identity of the officers involved. The officer that was involved in using deadly force is on routine administrative leave.



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