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Pay Bail, Fines, and Fees Online For Arlington Class C Charges Only

Online payments: You can pay bail/bonds and court fines and fees online. Cards Accepted: Variety of credit cards

Pay Bail For Persons In Custody

Enter PLC Code #1121

Note: Class B, higher charges and other agency charges are not bondable through GovPayNet.

Pay Fines/Fees – Non Custody


Using the link below,enter PLC code #1121

To make a payment, you will need the following:

      • Pay Location Code or PLC #, Use 1121 for bail/bond, fines/fees
      • Payment Amount
      • Name of Arrestee/Defendant for whom payment is being paid

Need help?

Call 1-877-EZBAIL5 to speak to a GovPayNet Bail Specialist.   Gov Pay Net Banner in green

The Arlington PD Jail PLC# for bail is 1121

The Arlington Municipal Court PLC# for fines/fees is 1120