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Clergy & Police Partnership

Mission Statement

The Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership (ACAPP) supports the Arlington Police Department and the community by ministering spiritually and serving sacrificially.
The key is unity in achieving a safer community.


Achieve a safer community through prayer, community involvement, sharing information, support in crisis situations. Where there is UNITY there is STRENGTH!

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Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership (ACAPP) is a coalition of Clergy from every faith and denomination who partner with our police agency. ACAPP members and their organizations are called upon to pray for the police department members, building of relationships with police officers and other governmental officials, and to be available for various situations involving our community.

The training program consists of classroom and “hands on” instruction to provide a working knowledge of the Arlington Police Department. Participants will meet for 3 hours, once a week during our academy. Each week a different area of the police department will be covered. Topics covered will be in the areas of patrol procedures, vice/narcotics, critical incidents, homicide investigations, and death notification procedures, juvenile/crimes against children, jail operations, hostage negotiation, gangs, domestics, our victim assistance unit, crime scene, and our R.E.A.C.H program.

ACAPP-TeamAfter graduation, clergy will ride with an Arlington Police Officer to finish their training. Spending time with police officers gives Clergy a better understanding of police protocol before acting in the official capacity as an ACAPP member.

Goals of this program include: praying for the city, city leaders, police officers and special needs; assisting the police in non-traditional roles; providing calm in crisis situations to prevent an escalation to violence; assisting in domestic situations where a minister is requested or needed; jail ministries; youth services; offering support to victims; and relaying factual information back to the communities.

It is the goal of the Arlington Police Department that after you complete this program, you will have enough information to dispel any suspicions and misconceptions about the law enforcement role in our criminal justice system. We hope you will develop an appreciation for the problems and challenges facing the Arlington Police Department as our community continues to grow, and that you will educate others when the opportunity arises.

Are you a clergy member? Do you want more information? Do you want to sign up?

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