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Safe Residents Initiative

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Does your homeowner’s insurance company offer a discount when you invest in security improvements for your residence? Chapter Five, Article 5.33A section 6 (a) 1-2 of the Texas Insurance Code once required homeowner insurance companies to offer a reduction of 5% or 15% in annual premiums to Texas homeowners if they could pass a residential security inspection performed by a State Certified Inspector. In 2003, this article was repealed and insurance companies were no longer Lock - Copyrequired to offer this discount.

Many insurance companies, however, still offer a discount to homeowners who can successfully pass the residential security inspection.

Why consider the inspection?

  • In 2011, there were an estimated 2,188,005 burglaries – an increase of 0.9 percent when compared with 2010 data (FBI UCR Reports, 2011).
  • Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.8 billion in lost property in 2011; overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,185 (FBI UCR Reports, 2011).
  • Properly securing your residence from a potential burglary can greatly reduce the probability that an offense will occur or be successfully completed.
  • Most insurance companies understand that a properly secured residence will also reduce the chances that you will have to file a claim and report expensive property losses as a result of a residential burglary in the future.

 Would you like to see if you qualify?

Step One: Contact your homeowner’s insurance company and see if they still offer a reduction for this program.

Step Two: Once you ensure that your insurance company offers the reduction,Burglar - Copy review the attached checklist to be sure that you meet the inspection requirements. (Note:Please be sure to review and comply with all necessary requirements before you schedule for a visit from a member of our team. If you have any questions regarding the inspection and/or the requirements – call 817-459-5732).

Click here to view the Insurance Discount Checklist.

Step three: If you feel that your residence meets the inspection requirements,Keypad - Copy click on the link below to schedule an appointment with an inspector from the police department’s Community Services Division. Once you have submitted the request, a member of the Crime Prevention Unit will contact you to schedule an appointment. Due to a high volume of requests, appointments are available online only. When you have completed all the requirements on the checklist, click on the link below to schedule your appointment.

Click here to request an inspection (online Form)

Common Questions

Q: Can citizens request this service even if their insurance company does not offer the discount?
Answer: Yes, we encourage every resident to implement preventative measures to enhance the security of their home.

Q: Is there an inspection fee or charge for this service?
Answer: There is no charge for this service. It is absolutely free and available to all homeowners in the City of Arlington.

Q: If my home does not pass inspection the first time, will someone return once I have made the necessary corrections?
Answer: Yes, simply click on the appointment link and re-schedule your inspection.

Q: Does my insurance discount ever expire once my home has passed inspection?
Answer: Check with your particular insurance company. In most cases, this Mandated Premium Reduction Certification is valid for a three(3) year period, with renewal at the homeowner’s request for an additional three year period before a re-inspection is required. In addition to a home security inspection, we recommend that you review our “Home Security” brochure for additional tips on securing your residence. Click here to view/print the Home Security Brochure