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Economic Crimes & ID Theft

The Economic Crimes Unit (ECU) investigates fraud related offenses to include:

    • forgery,
    • credit/debit card abuse,
    • fraudulent use or possession of identifying information,
    • counterfeit merchandise,
    • and certain computer crimes.

The ECU is an investigative unit within the Special Investigations Section operationally under the Central Investigations Division. The ECU consists of one administrative assistant, three detectives, one civilian investigator, and it is supervised by a sergeant.

The ECU also houses the Digital Forensics Lab. Created in 1999, the Digital Forensics Lab is responsible for examining and processing electronic evidence that is collected from a wide variety of investigations.

If the crime is in progress, call 911. Otherwise, you can generate a report for Identity Theft by calling 817-274-4444. When generating your report, make sure you have all of your documents available so you can include transaction dates, times, locations, and any other pertinent information regarding how your identity was used fraudulently. Please save all documents related to your case. Your report will be reviewed and if it is determined there is sufficient information available to proceed with an investigation, you will be contacted by an investigator.

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Arlington Police – Economic Crimes Unit – 817-459-5308