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About Hometown Recruiting

High school students considering a career in law enforcement can earn credit toward a criminal justice degree and participate in early police training through  enrollment in the Hometown Recruiting Program.

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Hometown Recruiting is a collaborative effort involving the Arlington Police Department, Arlington Independent  School District and UT Arlington. This program builds upon existing early admissions efforts between the university and school district.

While the Arlington Police Department has had a long-standing commitment to hiring officers who have earned college degrees, this program invests in the youth of Arlington and helps to ensure that new generations of degreed hometown recruits will be available to serve the community as trained officers in the future.

The Hometown Recruiting Program includes several components:

  • Arlington ISD students must apply to and be admitted into a dual credit criminal justice program.
  • Students who successfully complete dual-credit courses in criminal justice, law enforcement, ethics and the criminal justice system may earn up to nine semester credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • Upon completion of their degree at UT Arlington, program graduates are guaranteed an interview with the Arlington Police Department. They are invited to participate in recognition ceremonies and are given preferred consideration in an upcoming police training academy.

For more information about Hometown Recruiting, contact:

Officer Fred Kemp