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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Indicators for Victims

    • Appears to be coPolicePatchntrolled by someone
    • Access to communication devices and transportation does not exist
    • Moves around frequently
    • Lack of personal possessions
    • Signs of abuse or torture
    • Work against their will and in poor working conditions
    • Brands of scarring or tattooing that indicates ownership
    • Heavily traveled area (residence) by men
    • Large number of occupants for living space
    • Unexplained absence from schoolPrint
    • Minor that dresses provocatively or in clothing that is not age appropriate
    • Juvenile (female or male) who may have a sexually transmitted disease
    • Appear to be fearful of law enforcement / doesn’t make eye contact
    • Work and live in the same place
    • Foreign individuals who do not have possession of identification/documents
    • Looks to someone else for approval before speaking to others
    • Someone who has no sense of time or knowledge of the area he/she lives in
    • A person who does not appear to have free will to leave
    • Someone else who insists upon speaking/interpreting for the individual

Important Notes to Consider

One of these indicators alone does not imply a human trafficking situation.

Also, other consideration such as cultural differences could affect ones’ behavior.

However, if more than one of these indicators is visible there is a possibility you are encountering a human trafficking victim. If so, please contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center immediately.

Human Trafficking Victims Are Violated








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