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Youth Initiatives :: Mentoring Arlington Youth

The Mentoring Arlington Youth Program was created to serve young African-American and Hispanic male students in the seventh and eighth grades. This 18-month program offers interactive workshops on leadership, team building, education and career development. To emphasize the importance of giving, this program also includes community service-learning modules.

The MAY program, launched in July 2015,  started in Arlington, Texas as a pilot for 10 young males. Workshops started in October 2015.  Student referrals come from our partners at the Arlington Independent School District. The initial area of focus is east Arlington and Workman Junior High School.

How We Started

“It takes a village to raise a child” and the MAY program was born out of this ancient African proverb.  In Arlington, a group of police officers stepped forward to help guide and support the village under the leadership of Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson and MAY Program Director Lieutenant Tarrick McGuire. The City of Arlington Municipal Court and Arlington Independent School District signed on as strategic partners in this effort with funding support from the Arlington Police Foundation.

Through collaborations with business leaders, adult male mentors and the faith-based community within the village, the MAY Program seeks to cultivate an environment that monitors, mentors and motivates.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

Through the successful completion of the MAY Program, young African American and Hispanic male students will have a higher potential for success in upward mobility.

Our Mission

The Mentoring Arlington Youth (MAY) program seeks to foster one-on-one relationships between higher potential youth and positive adult role models to enhance confidence by supporting academic achievement, increasing social and cultural awareness and promoting personal development.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Mentor. Motivate. Monitor.
  • Increase police legitimacy among youth through positive interaction and problem based learning
  • Create and influence positive behavioral support while building sustainable relationships
  • Create social awareness beyond their neighborhoods
  • Reduce juvenile recidivism

How You Can Assist

It takes a village to support our youth. We welcome your assistance. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us. We have many  upcoming volunteer opportunities. In addition to funding support, we are always looking for places where our mentees can explore a future career.

Become A Mentor

Mentors are important to the success of the MAY Program. With your participation, we can work together to support, guide, motivate and inspire future leaders.  Getting involved is easy and training is available to help you sharpen your mentoring skills.

The expectations of a MAY Program Mentor:

A Mentor must be able to participate in lunchtime visits once every two weeks with their mentee

A Mentor must be able to attend workshops with their mentee

A Mentor must be able to take part in the quarterly community service projects as well

Please note: A mentor applicant shall be disqualified for any one of the following reasons:

  • Providing false information (verbally or in writing) during any stage of the volunteer application process
  •  Conviction of a felony or class A misdemeanor or any offense that would be considered a felony or class A misdemeanor in the State of Texas to include deferred adjudication;
  •  Conviction of a class B misdemeanor or any offense that would be considered a class B misdemeanor in the State of Texas in the preceding 10 years, to include deferred adjudication; and
  •  Failure to pass a criminal background check.

Contact Us

For general inquires, send email to:

Deputy Chief  Tarrick McGuire
Arlington Police Department
Program Director

Dr. Carlin Caliman
City of Arlington Municipal Court Liaison

MAY Program Community Partners

  • The Arlington Independent School District
  • City of Arlington Municipal Court
  • Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership
  • The African American Peace Officer Association of Arlington
  • Amigos en Azul
  • The Arlington Alliance for Youth
  • Arlington Police Foundation
  • First Rate, Inc.
  • Bankem Printing
  • Arlington Police Association
  • Arlington Tomorrow Foundation
  • The Man’s Shop