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Officer Involved Critical Incidents

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 2.139 requires law enforcement agencies to report all officer-involved injuries or deaths caused by the discharge of a firearm. For reports in this category (injuries or deaths to non-peace officer) a separate state form is required to be completed for each officer who causes injury or death through the discharge of a firearm.

The department also publishes brief excerpts of these incidents as indicated below:

October 31, 2017:  Officers were executing a narcotics search warrant at 4311 Kelly Hill Drive.  The residence was occupied by a known offender who had previously been convicted of attempting to disarm a police officer and was believed to have a firearm, so the warrant was a no knock warrant.  Officers were observed approaching the residence by at least one occupant who notified the other occupants that law enforcement officers were present.  As officers made entry into the home, the suspect utilized a rifle and shot at officers. Officers returned fire, shooting the suspect and killing him.  Two officers were injured by the shots fired by the suspect.

July 15, 2017:  After responding to a domestic disturbance call, a 23-year old male armed with a hand gun and dressed in body armor was shot by an officer.

May 11, 2017: While responding to a call about a barricaded person at a car dealership, suspect was shot by an officer.

February 1, 2017: While conducting a traffic stop, suspect was shot by an officer.

April 25, 2016: Officers responded to an assist agency request call in serving a felony warrant for murder. The originating agency was Saginaw, Texas. The suspect fired upon officers striking an APD officer once. The officer returned fire striking the suspect causing a non-life threatening injury.

December 13, 2015: A suicidal woman pointed a firearm at officers. Two officers discharged their duty weapons. The woman was pronounced deceased at the scene.

September 25, 2015: A man robbed a bank and carjacked a vehicle from an auto dealership and fled the scene. As officers were pursuing the man, he stopped his car and fired upon officers who returned fire. During the vehicle pursuit, he fired upon officers again. A third officer discharged his weapon at the suspect, striking him. The suspect survived his injuries.

To view the State of Texas forms submitted by the department, click on link below: