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Youth Initiatives :: Police Athletic League (PAL) Camp

Pal Camp #2PAL Camp is an acronym for Police Athletics League. Every summer, the APD Community Services Division manages four separate week long camps.  School Resource Officers engage youth in activities that build character, leadership, trust and responsibility.

Summer PAL Camp sessions are designed especially for students entering the eighth and ninth grades who are between the ages of 12 and 14.

Camping Activities

Each week-long camp features a variety of fun-learning games and activities, including  Police Day, which allows the department to showcase the work of specialized units such as the K-9. Campers are also introduced to the Hometown Recruiting Program and career opportunities in policing.

Though police recruitment is not a goal of PAL Camp, many campers are interested in knowing more about law enforcement.  Campers are also introduced to the Hometown Recruiting Program, crime prevention and public safety.  At the end of a week long camp session, officers say participants are less likely to be involved in criminal activity and far more likely to trust police officers.

PAL Camp is summer fun, recreation and education in a safe environment. This program is made possible by a number of supporters, including the Arlington Police Foundation, local churches, businesses and community volunteers.

For more information about PAL Camp, contact:

Sgt. Scott Vickers


Sgt. Michael Leonesio