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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you waive college in lieu of military or prior experience?

We do not waive the college degree requirement for law enforcement experience or service in the military. You must have a bachelor degree from an accredited college.

How many times do I have to come to Arlington during the hiring process?

We do our best to work with out of state applicants, however; you should count on making three trips to Arlington to complete the interview and assessment phases of the hiring process.

View a list of hotels close to the Academy.

Why are your testing dates not listed on the website?

We are not a civil service agency and therefore instead of “testing” we conduct preliminary interviews. Due to limited space, an applicant must be invited to a preliminary interview. For that reason, the dates are not listed on our website.

How often do you conduct interviews?

We typically interview twice a month, every month.

Do I need to get the authorization waivers on the application and Personal Information Booklet notarized?

No, we will notarize/witness those documents at your preliminary interview. If you were not able to sign your application because you submitted it online we will have you do that the day of the interview as well.

Once I submit my application, how long does it take to be contacted?

We receive numerous applications on a daily basis. At times, it can take 3 to 4 weeks to be sent a confirmation email or be contacted by someone in the Personnel Office. We appreciate your patience.

How do I prepare for the preliminary interview?

We recommend you research the department and the city prior to your interview. The internet is a valuable resource. The following websites are good places to start:

What do I wear to the preliminary interview?

The recommended attire is Business.
For men: A suit with a tie and jacket.
For women: A pant or skirt suit with a jacket.

Do you have a lateral program? Do I have to attend the academy if I am already certified?

We do not have a lateral program. You will be required to attend our 32-week academy. This includes previous law enforcement officers who are certified.

Who do I contact to participate in a Ride Along?

If you are a police applicant or college student interested in applying you may contact the Personnel Office at 817-459-5387.

How long does the hiring process take?

Your application is good for one year from the day of your preliminary interview. The timeframe in which you are assigned to a Background Investigator varies anywhere from 3 days to a year. Once you have been assigned to a Background Investigator it will take approximately 4 weeks to complete the background.