Service Before Self, Honor Above All

Jillian Smith Internship 

The Arlington Police Department is pleased to offer the Jillian Smith Internship to qualified college and university students.

On December 28, 2010, Officer Smith responded to take a report call that came into 911 after the suspect left the location. As Officer Smith talked to the victim and her 11-year-old daughter, the assailant returned with a gun. The man, who was the estranged boyfriend of the woman living there, began shooting. Officer Smith shielded the woman’s daughter by placing herself between the shooter and young girl. Both Officer Smith and the woman died in the home. However, the young girl survived and was able to get away.

The internship introduces students to all aspects of the department that will enhance the students understanding of the criminal justice system and prepare them for a career if they decide to pursue law enforcement.  Interns work alongside department personnel in a wide spectrum of assignments throughout APD.

The student selected for the Jillian Smith Internship will receive $1200 from the Arlington Police Department upon successful completion of the internship (120 hours). The award will be deposited directly to the students account at their respective Bursar’s Office. 

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester – July 1
  • Spring Semester – November 1
  • Summer Semester – April 1


A qualified intern must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible:

  1. Be a senior at an accredited university with at least 90 hours in the semester in which the student is enrolled in the course;
  2. Have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0;
  3. Be in good academic standing;
  4. Have a recommendation from the university internship coordinator or a professor who had the student in at least one class;
  5. Must receive credit hours from school for the internship; 120 hours must be completed for 3 credit hours; 240 hours must be completed for 6 credit hours; hours are estimates and vary according to the university;
  6. Must have transportation to the work site;
  7. Must pass selection interview, physical agility test (for students interested in becoming a Police Officer), polygraph and background investigation;

Application Process

Progression to the next phase is not automatic but is based upon passing the previous section.

  1. Students interested in the Jillian Smith Internship will submit a letter or email of interest.
  2. A request will be sent to the student for a letter of recommendation from their university internship coordinator and unofficial transcript;
  3. The student will then be provided with the Preliminary Interview Booklet and scheduled for an interview;
  4. Upon successfully passing the interview, students interested in becoming Police Officers will be complete the Physical Agility Test;
  5. A standardized pre-employment polygraph is given to students;
  6. A background investigation will be conducted on applicants who have successfully passed all prior steps in the selection process.