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Academy & Recruiting :: Minimum Qualifications :: Physical Agility Test

Event One: Rapid Acceleration Agility Course

This event is designed to simulate the variety of obstacles that may be encountered by a police officer. Applicants have 30 seconds to complete all of the following course obstacles:

Low hurdle (2-foot wall) – simulates low hedges, garbage cans, etc.

2 foot wall obstacle

Solid board wall (4-foot) – simulates chain link fences, loading docks, etc.
Solid board wall (6-foot) – simulates stockade fences, etc.

6 foot solid board wall obstacle Obstacal3

Tunnel (12-foot) – simulates running through storm drains, bridges, etc.

12 foot tunnel obstacle
Serpentine (25-foot) – simulates running through crowds, etc.

Tunnel obstacle

Event Two: Trigger Squeeze

This event simulates firing a pistol. Applicants are given a training pistol and must be able to pull the revolver’s trigger 6 times in 4 seconds. The gun is held in one hand with no support. The pistol must be held steady for the entire testing cycle.

Event Three: Dummy Drag

This event simulates removing an unconscious person from a dangerous situation. Applicants must drag a 175-pound dummy approximately 60 feet in less than one minute.

Event Four: Ladder Climb with Shotgun

This event simulates checking the roof of a building. Applicants will have one minute to ascend and descend a 20-foot metal ladder while holding a shotgun in one hand.

Event Five: Endurance Run

This event simulates the foot pursuit of a suspect. The quarter-mile course includes ascending and descending stairs, and must be completed within 2 minutes 10 seconds.