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Academy & Recruiting :: Physical Requirements

Applicants who successfully complete their preliminary interview are also required to successfully complete a physical agility test. This pass/fail test is the same for all applicants, without regard to age or gender. Applicants must complete the test before continuing our hiring process.

Health and Safety Warning!

We strongly recommend that anyone with a physical limitation or medical condition who is considering participation in the physical agility test contact their own physician prior to taking the test, and withdraw from the hiring process if further participation could be dangerous to the participant’s health.

About the Test

The physical agility test is made up of five events. Each event must be successfully completed to pass the test.

Applicants are offered three chances to complete each event.

Applicants who do not pass the test will not be allowed to continue into the next phase of our hiring process.

Applicants who do not pass the test will be allowed to take two re-tests.