Service Before Self, Honor Above All

Shield a Badge With Prayer

ThACAPP-Shield-A-Badgee Shield a Badge was first started for the officers of the Arlington Police Department and since then has spread to other departments. Currently there are Shield a Badge programs in many departments across the United States and in Canada. The Arlington Shield a Badge program continues today, but due to the rapid increase of new Officers, totaling over 600, we are always in need of more prayer sponsors.

The goal of Shield a Badge is to involve the Arlington community in a common commitment. This is to be a daily prayer for safety, good judgment, and a safe return home for each officer. This is an opportunity to show support for our officers and to help them through the power of prayer. The commitment is for one year. A daily prayer offered up for the safety of an assigned officer.


Shield a Badge
P.O. Box 2126
Arlington, TX 76004
Phone: 817-453-1940